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#1 2014-03-08 6:19pm

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1981 Vista GTX99

1981 Vista GTX99

RARE. Had to post this because there wasn't another one on here. I will post new pics when I put it together.



#2 2014-03-08 9:33pm

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Re: 1981 Vista GTX99

Nice! Check out my '85 has the GTX frame pad on it. cool



#3 2015-06-28 4:38pm

crash test dumby
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Re: 1981 Vista GTX99

VERY interesting.  My first BMX was a GTX 88.  It was a very similiar color to this, but a completely different frame like the other Vista in the Museum, the GTX 77.  Not sure if it's the same color, mine was actually candy red over chrome and the candy red top coat peeled off very quickly so I stripped it down to just chrome.



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