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1949 Western Flyer 26

http://bmxmuseum.com/image/100_0946_copy0.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/100_0944.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/100_0945.jpg

1949 Western Flyer 26

Fire Road Rat Rod

This is 1949 Western Flyer with Cleveland Welding.  I built it up as a fire road cruiser.
I left the frame in found condition, dirt and all.  I decided to leave the Akisu forks and Schwinn tubular 2.125 rims in foundcondition as well.  It has a nos Shimano MX coaster hub laced4 cross with 12 ga. spokes. Redline cranks with 39t sprocket,DK stem, and some MR. Tick bars in raw finnish it off!!!


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Re: 1949 Western Flyer 26

Love it . cool

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Re: 1949 Western Flyer 26

Nice I have a 1914 flying merkel I wanted to put on the museum but they said it was to old



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Re: 1949 Western Flyer 26

That's very cool!!  I totally dig it!cool

Always looking for Cook Bros. stuff, vintage SE stuff,  MCS 6 bolt Super stems,  and Race Inc. Leading Edge/Cycle Pro/BMX innovations 20" forks.  All NOS or in very nice condition.



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Re: 1949 Western Flyer 26

Very cool bike and very cool build! I have a late 70's Schwinn 26" Cruiser I want to do like this.

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