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#1 2013-05-25 12:01pm

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1975 Kawasaki BX-200

1975 Kawasaki BX-200


Found a deal on this frame a few months ago on the museum.  I wish this was a complete but it will work for now. Intrigued with the Bill Bastain history this frame has, you can see where Race Inc. got it's start. The bottom tube bend, the frame gussets and the diamond drop-outs.  Even the top "Airfoil" tube, later used on Cycle Pro Foiler's and a few of Bastain's bastard children.  Another detail to be noted: the quality of the welds are not even close (visually) to those later achieved by Race Inc.
This is a cool part of BMX history. Looking back at the transition from motorcycle looking bicycles and into what would actually be practical in the real world of BMX.

Looking for: Rampar aluminum BMX Frame (looks like Race Inc. Jr), Race Inc. forks, Cycle Pro Foiler's, Spoiler's, Laguna GT's & FMF's in original finish. Needed: Shimano DX or PD pedals blue, IRC Snakebelly 1.75".



#2 2013-05-25 6:00pm

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Re: 1975 Kawasaki BX-200

Cool score! I've got one myself, only complete minus the front and rear reflectors of courseand one incorrect tire . As far as I know almost impossible to find. Anyhow the beginnings of bmx for sure, pure nostalgia. I don't know how they used to jump these things they feel really awkward to ride but polish out beautifully. GLWB please post pics if you do so, congrats.



#3 2013-06-07 10:41am

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Re: 1975 Kawasaki BX-200

very cool peice o history, i like...

looking for...white race inc/rad pad for stem, left hand gold maxy cross crank arm, rear red tuff wheel...



#4 2014-02-09 12:45pm

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Re: 1975 Kawasaki BX-200

I never really looked at this until today and WOW you can see the beginnings of every Bastian bike I like so much. So friggin cool to see where all those little details started. Like you said, EVEN the diamond drop outs, wow.

mmmm........loop tails.......

...and that's all I have to say about that...



#5 2015-07-11 8:42am

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Re: 1975 Kawasaki BX-200

amazing history,incredible collection



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