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1982 Hutch XL-24

http://bmxmuseum.com/image/cc7a51b3cc9d4ca88fa481b771f5b69b_zps1c783259.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/4e816d3be41241c98887bba322b758f9_zpsa0b9fb39.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/9654270b2ce144abba26247efe7fc50f_zps88193814.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/404d6b54402a4245a94938cad29ec12f_zps0262b37f.jpg

1982 Hutch XL-24

Pre-Serial Hutch XL 24 Cruiser

Decided to build this frame set up with exactly how I would like it with some custom flair and not to specs. I still gotta tweak a couple of things here and there but this is how she sits for the 2013 Hutch Buildoff. All n all it looks beautiful how she is and I am really happy with how she turned out.

Breakdown of Parts:
Frame/Fork: Pre-Serial Hutch XL 24 cruiser frame n fork powdered gloss black with custom gold decals added.
Bars: Hutch Cruiser bars with re-issues Oakley B1B grips
Seat/Post/Clamp: Elina seat with custom black n gold lighting decal added, Hutch Original straight post with decal replaced, and Hutch gold plated donut
Rims: Ukai PJ-20 24" x 1.50 36h black ano rims, New Wheelsmith black spokes, and gold nips
Hubs: Bullseye 36h Black flange/Gold centers
Tires: Cheng Shin 24" x 1.75 black gumwall tires
Chain: Izumi gold chain with Star chain tensioners
Cranks: Hutch JDB Aerospeeds 175mm with Bullseye Bottom bracket (these will eventually get switched out to Johnny Chopper Aerospeeds 180mm)
Chainwheel: Sugino 40T Gold chainwheel with Hutch Aero Disc and black bolts
Pedals: Hutch Original Beartraps with brown bearings and JDB gold cages
Brakes: Dia Compe MX 1000 re-issue with gold Skyway fins n black pads, Tech III, and Jagwire kevlar brake cable
Stem: Repop Pro Neck in gold H/S: Neco H671 Headset in ano gold with Tange headlock
Powder: Chip@ C4Decals: Custom workPads: Not shown cause have not received them but ordered custom as well in gold n black


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DG GRIPS !!! Black O-wings or Oakley B2s, SST Woody coaster rear Hub, 16" Ukai or Arayas for my pit bikes!
JMC 24" fork.



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Re: 1982 Hutch XL-24

A unique one... Solid ride. cool

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Re: 1982 Hutch XL-24

If your gonna switch the cranks like you say hit me up I'd be interested in buying them




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Re: 1982 Hutch XL-24

A pleasure to behold!wink



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Re: 1982 Hutch XL-24




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Re: 1982 Hutch XL-24

Way too beautiful. I would have loved to put that on the starting gate of any national race BITD! Congratulations, very awe inspiring build.




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Re: 1982 Hutch XL-24

Very nice cool



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Re: 1982 Hutch XL-24

Really cool build. Love the parts choices. Wow. Please post some pics of the hubs! Congrats.



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Re: 1982 Hutch XL-24

super dope cruiser! cool

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