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#1 2013-02-01 5:06pm

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Vector Score!

Picked this up on my break today. Crappy cell phone pic but here it is. No serial looks to be Mark II hoping the experts will chime in. I dont really know much about these but this one's in good solid survivor shape some small dinks and the chrome is pretty worn but otherwise sound condition. Here's the story got it from one of those places that recycle everything like E-waste. They have a bike shop where they recondition and sell used bikes. I've bought some mid and low range stuff there but its mostly walgooses. The guy has an in with the scrap metal recycling and gets all their bike stuff. This came to the scrap yard, someone literally threw this out. I was the first response on CL, there with the money just minutes after he posted!



#2 2013-02-01 5:25pm

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Re: Vector Score!


Wanted: Nice set of early 90's white Powerlite pads.
             Nice set of 180mm GT stamped Profile 3pc cranks



#3 2013-02-01 5:27pm

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Re: Vector Score!

cool pick up.

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#4 2013-02-01 5:50pm

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Re: Vector Score!

That's a beautiful frame cool

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#5 2013-02-01 6:15pm

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Re: Vector Score!

Nice score  big_smile

How to post pictures in the forms

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#6 2013-02-01 6:16pm

TuRBo Todd
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Re: Vector Score!

lmk if you decide to sell. cool frame.

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#7 2013-02-01 6:17pm

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Re: Vector Score!

From the 1 pict, looks like a 3rd gen

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