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1976 FMF JR Pro

http://bmxmuseum.com//image/sprockets_003.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/sprockets_005.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/sprockets_002.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/sprockets_004.jpg

1976 FMF JR Pro

Spirit of '76

I purchased this frame off the museum months ago, sporting the OG finish, still in very nice shape.  By chance, I already owned a perfect set of 500b's from the era and happened to be the exact same red/orange as the "FMF" logo.  This became my color sceme and so I went from there.  This was my first build old enough to require a coaster brake, finally a true 1976. 
I found a nice pair of chrome Femco's with the Bendix brake and added a pair of OPC's and some rat traps.  It was also by chance, that a bent seat post, made from old set of handlebars would fall in my drawer [according to some history on the museum, that was the original origin of lay back seat posts in the 70's, cool stuff].  It took awhile to find some decent parts that would do this build justice and the last peice was found a few weeks ago when a 70's Matthews double stem came up for sale.
I'm hoping to aquire a pair of Carlisle MX tires someday but for now, these knobby's will do just fine and still capture that 70's look.


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Looking for: Rampar aluminum BMX Frame (looks like Race Inc. Jr), Race Inc. forks, Cycle Pro Foiler's, Spoiler's, Laguna GT's & FMF's in original finish. Needed: Shimano DX or PD pedals blue, IRC Snakebelly 1.75".



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Re: 1976 FMF JR Pro

That turned out very nice! 70s goodness.

Mid school Standard parts
Standard top load stems
S&M hot seat



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Re: 1976 FMF JR Pro

Can't go wrong with a 76... Lovin the gold and red combo! big_smile

Blue, your my boy!!!




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Re: 1976 FMF JR Pro

Nice built  I totally understand the seat post...cool story.  However, if you move down a bit the seat it will look a lot cooler...jmho.



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Re: 1976 FMF JR Pro

Very cool bike and build. I have a 76 Race Inc frame non brake bridge non serial, waiting patiently. Frame has a small crack I need to repair. Very cool color combo you went with.

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Re: 1976 FMF JR Pro

Bmx roots! Nice bike

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*WANTED* Blue or chrome Schwinn predator frame. 95 & 97. Raleigh ultra shock. Yellow predator pads.
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