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1993 Wilkerson Airlines Riot

http://bmxmuseum.com//image/shadsredside.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/rononbike55a6ac1e02.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_7690.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_7676_copy0.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_7689_copy0.jpg

1993 Wilkerson Airlines Riot

My favorite bike ever!This is an exact replica of the bike i built for my High School Graduation!
From the minute I found out how bad it is transcribing an interview I knew I wanted to do a podcast instead. Last Thursday Bruce Crisman called me and said Ron Wilkerson was in town and I should come over and do a podcast. That was enough for me! I cruised over and we crammed into a room and just talked. Bruce and I talked to Ron about a bunch of things. Hot topics were why he changed the name Wilkerson Airlines to 2-Hip, how the 2-Hip team got kicked off of the Warped tour, the real origin of the Abubaca and numerous stories about the 2-Hip van and Kevin Martin blowing up engines!
This was our first podcast and I really had no time to prepare for this. I think it went over pretty well and I'm excited to do more in the future! If you guy's here a few breaks in the interview it was just the few times we had to stop the tape due to Ron's son Xander wanting to come in the room and hang with his dad for a bit and eat chips and salsa with us!
Ron Wilkerson Interview:


Looking for anything Wilkerson Airlines,Early Bully,Dyno,Mongoose Hooligan and anything bashguard related!NOS or really good shape Peregrine HP 48 rims or wheels please!Really want a Bully2!



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Re: 1993 Wilkerson Airlines Riot




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Re: 1993 Wilkerson Airlines Riot

Love this! Red looks amazing. cool

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Re: 1993 Wilkerson Airlines Riot

very nice, looks like proper parts on it.  thats what makes it soo good. big_smile

with that color,decals and 990s, its a 93. wink



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Re: 1993 Wilkerson Airlines Riot

Love the red. Very awesome!

Anything clem twin and parker!!!



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Re: 1993 Wilkerson Airlines Riot

Nice find bro.  I love WALs!!!cool

Cool, a new bike.  Wait a minute.......where am I going to hide this one.  She's going to catch me...

Wanted: 90 Holmes f/f decals, Odyssey parts in vapor blue



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Re: 1993 Wilkerson Airlines Riot

How funny is this? I just read the article on this build in BMX Plus this morning and it happened to be the bike that popped up randomly on my home page!!!! Great story and build!!!

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Re: 1993 Wilkerson Airlines Riot


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Re: 1993 Wilkerson Airlines Riot

Great freaking looking bike!!!!

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Re: 1993 Wilkerson Airlines Riot

OMG! I was listening to the Wilkerson interview and when they started talking about why Ron changed WA to 2-Hip Bikes and they said it was because his ex wife I remembered being at the July 1995 BS contest in Virginia and there were 3 or 4 guys talking gossip about Ron and  I'll never forget one of them saying "yeah, his wife took all his money in the divorce..." one of them says "damn! how much money?" and the other guy says "all his money, like 25 million dollars man"
Anyway,  this interview reminded me of that little story....

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Re: 1993 Wilkerson Airlines Riot

I thought Abubaca was the name Willis used when he went "African" on Diff'rent Strokes.

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Would love to find my old Dirt Bike.  It was stolen in Pompano Beach, Florida in about 1996.  It's a '92 with the block graphics on a Green frame.  Pitchforks, Slam bars, GT (DK-style) stem and GT/Profile cranks.  Superlace hubs.  Would really love to put this back in my collection.



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Re: 1993 Wilkerson Airlines Riot

Awesome ride ................love the pic of Ron siting on her  wink coolcoolcool

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