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#1 2013-01-09 3:23pm

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Black brake pads, White Mags!

What's the best "stuff" or method to removing ugly black brake pad wear from a WHITE mag?

There is a bit on the bike pictured, but I have an old redstone that look AWFUL with a lot more brake wear on it.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

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#2 2013-01-10 4:17am

I cant drive 55
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Re: Black brake pads, White Mags!

Soft scrub for the rim and a razor blade held at an angle scrapping backwards for tough areas where the brake rub is. wink

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Re: Black brake pads, White Mags!



#4 2013-01-11 1:19am

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Re: Black brake pads, White Mags!

I use magic eraser.




#5 2013-01-11 2:07am

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Re: Black brake pads, White Mags!

I used sand paper

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#6 2013-06-09 8:18am

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Re: Black brake pads, White Mags!

I tried magic eraser and the elbow grease required was too much. I am lazy and looking for an easy way out. Soft scrub next. I might try 0000 steel wool and some sort of cleaner.

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