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84 or 85? gt performer/pro performer? complete bike!


I dont know if this is an 84 or 85 but it looks to be a japan made performer or pro performer (decals are from 87).  it's stamped gt "4130" on the slice behind the seat mast> looks to be O.G. white, but has be spraybombed navy blue, and then again in white over that

any help is appreciated.  I think i scored ok..

the Plus:

it has araya 7x rims on it, tech 4 lever for the rear, tech 6 front lever. acs slant stem (NO! don't ask) gt steel tuberides front & rear, real dominator seat, tuf neck clamp, tioga sprocket, mks graphite pedals

The issues:

when i pulled the clamp off i realized something wasnt right...the seat mast is too short, looks like it broke off so they made a new keyhole and slot
also, the serial number has been ground down off the bb (stolen at one time or something???)
two heavy coats of spray bomb on it


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How "riders" view collecting...
"ahhh it has grind marks, its been ridden :-) "
How posers view collecting...
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