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#1 2012-12-28 12:08pm

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1979 SE Racing OM Flyer 26

http://bmxmuseum.com/image/dscn0063_copy1.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/dscn0070_copy0.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/dscn0080.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/dscn0090.jpg

1979 SE Racing OM Flyer 26

Nice OG paint. No longer in my collection. Enjoy it Mike!




#2 2012-12-28 2:57pm

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Re: 1979 SE Racing OM Flyer 26

Very cool

How to post pictures in the forms

Ride In Peace Autumn Pasquale



#3 2012-12-29 1:53am

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Re: 1979 SE Racing OM Flyer 26

Thats a 1980 OM, the 79 seat stay tubes do not go past seat post tube, the 1980 seat stay tubes pass the seat post tube, and touch sides of the top tube.
Yours has the seat stay tubes touching the sides of the top tube. Look at any OM flyers in here. I have the Black 79 in here, with babyblue forks and bars.
And gold rims. Thats the biggest noticable difference between 79 - 80 frames.. FYI

Bmx was pure fun BITD, I think nowadays, some folks have forgotten what its really all about. And what it truly is.........



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