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#1 2012-11-11 5:14pm

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1987 Haro Master

http://bmxmuseum.com/image/img_20121111_134614.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/img_20121111_134635.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/img_20121111_134647.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/img_20121111_134717.jpg

1987 Haro Master

Saved from the scrap heap!

parts list:
I bought this frame from the museum in need of repair. The seatmast was cut at the keyhole. I had a fork and other parts from a 87 Sport that I used with this build. I was going to sell the frameset but couldn't find a buyer with the seatmast the way it was so I decided to keep it and make a rider out of it.
Parts list:
H8712xxxx F/F (does that make it an 88'?)
Group1 stem
1st Gen Gyro
Haro Freestyle bars
87' dated Nippon, 87' dated AD990
NOS Super 7X hoops laced to Haro Heffer hubs
NOS Kenda K55 20 x 2.125
KMC Chrome chain
older 175mm double pinch Flight 2 w/ RL 44T sprocket
Peregrine seatclamp
fluted layback
9/16 fusion pedals
DB Viscount seat
A'me tri
Curbdog universal levers
Maindrive 16t freewheel



Needs:  Robinson Layback post, Haro Dart HP tire, DK standing platform seatclamp...



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Re: 1987 Haro Master

Nice work. Cool rims too.
H8712xxxx would definitely be an early '88. cool

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Re: 1987 Haro Master

Awesome big_smile

How to post pictures in the forms

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Re: 1987 Haro Master

Is that the frame I sold you? If so you did great with it.big_smile



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