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1984 Curtis Freestyler

http://bmxmuseum.com/image/imag02731.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/imag0274_copy0.jpg

1984 Curtis Freestyler

Survivor from the 80's nothing changed.

Here is a Curtis Freestyler in Survivor condition which i bought from an old couple in Wales (UK) it was there sons bitd and it had been sitting in the garage for years. It was giving to there son on xmas day bought from a local BMX shop as a frame and forks only and then the bought all the other parts to make a full bike, they told me that thay had no clue how to build so they give it to there son in bits so he could build it, they were very suprised when on xmas day after opening all the parts he built the bike really quick smile they later found out that he had found the bike and bits previuos to xmas day and had already built the bike once!!!!!! lolol what a great story and what a lucky boy he was that xmas day. Thankfully i have the pleasure of owing the bike now.




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Re: 1984 Curtis Freestyler

Wow, neat story and neat bike..I was a similar kid, could change a frame out pretty fast back then.
We would build and change our bikes almost daily back then..

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Re: 1984 Curtis Freestyler

Where is the serial number?



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Re: 1984 Curtis Freestyler

That was my bike, which I built all them years ago. Just thought I would search for it the other day since it was so rare at the time and can't believe it is still around!

The couple were my parents, but it wasn't us which moved to Wales but the previous owners of our house. I bought everything as separates other than some parts which I got as presents (izumi chain /beartraps/skyways)

Have tried to get in touch with the current owner as I work about 20 mins from him and would love to see the bike again!

Happy memories!



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