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1981 Malvern Star SuperMaX

http://bmxmuseum.com/image/museum1_copy9.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/museum2_copy9.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/museum3_copy9.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/museum4_copy8.jpg

1981 Malvern Star SuperMaX

***New Old Stock***

Here is my 1981 Malvern Star SuperMaX completely restored using only OG or new old stock parts. There is still one or two restored items on the bike which I may eventually replace with NOS parts if possible. All the parts have been meticulously sourced to be 100% or at very least 99% catalogue correct, as per original straight from the Malvern Star factory floor. It still require a set of Tuff II reflectors to be able to claim it at 100% original. The bike took a grand total of 3 years to assemble to its current glory, you can see its earlier iteration in My Bikes. Restoring the bike was a labour of love and at time very trying, damn ebay snipers! I hope you all enjoy this nearly half as much as I do. Cheers!

Part Break Down:

NOS Frame and Forks
NOS Tange MX-2 Head Set
NOS Nitto MX-2 Stem
NOS Alps Bars
NOS OGK-117 Grips
NOS Star Flick Bell
NOS Pad Set
NOS Tange 24pBB
NOS Takagi Spider
NOS Takagi 44t Sprocket
NOS Takagi Chain-ring Guard
NOS Takagi Cro-Mo Cranks
NOS KKT Lightning Pedals w/reflectors
NOS Shimano 14t Free-Wheel
NOS Izumi Chain
NOS Tange Seat Clamp
Fluted Seat Post
Restored Kashimax Padded saddle
NOS Shimano Pre-bent Levers
NOS Shimano Tourney Calipers
NOS Skyway Tuff II steel flange
NOS Swallow Motorcross Type 2 tyres
NOS Swallow Motorcross inner tubes

Thanks for looking!


Looking for:
(Orange) Skyway Tuff II Reflector Please!
Grey bolt caps for Shimano front brake callipers.
PM Thanks!



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Re: 1981 Malvern Star SuperMaX

very jealous... thats the same as nicole kidnams bike in bmx bandits if im not mistaken



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Re: 1981 Malvern Star SuperMaX

Oh Wowww!!!!  Very Beautiful.smile



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Re: 1981 Malvern Star SuperMaX

Very nice dude



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Re: 1981 Malvern Star SuperMaX

Nice build....cool



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