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#1 2012-02-19 12:33am
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1979 S&S Bigfoot 26

1979 S&S Bigfoot 26

S&S Performance Products Bigfoot Old School BMX Cruiser Bike

This is what I Believe is a 1979 S&S Performance Products, Although the bike may of been made from 1978 -1985 from  Research & Componentry Lead me to 1979. S&S Performance made bikes in the late 1970s and early 1980s and left the bicycle market in the later 1980s and started producing aftermarket Harley Davidson parts, pretty sure they are still in business today, all over the web. From what little is out there this looks like the model is a Bigfoot and is a 26" Wheel Full size Cruiser Racer. The Frame ia made of 4130 Chromemoly Steel and it's what may be called a loop tail and is in real nice condition. Frame has a 17" center to center seat tube or 18 1/2" center to top of seat post clamp. The top tube is 21 1/2" center to center. The Seat post is 7/8" or 22.2 mm the fork is 1" threaded and takes a 13/16" or 21.1mm stem. Although Old School BMX is not my forte, I would say from my experience she looks original except for the Diamond Back Seat, the 13/16" or 21.1 4 bolt Stem, and Handlebars. The Bike has a Lot of Anodized parts all which has fading: 170mm Suntour VX 3 piece cranks with a Sugino BMX 40 Sprocket, Suntour BMX pedals, and Suntour Seatpost clamp, the Head set is a Tange Motocross. I have not seen wheels like this before the Hubs are sunshine with sealed bearing the axles are skewered with a bolt ( I am Told this is a 1978 - 1979 Product, cool never seen that before) Heavy Duty Spokes with UKAI 26"x2.125" Rims. The rear wheel has a freewheel so bike has no brakes, the rear wheels braking surface shows the bike had brakes on the rear. the front rim is untouched. The Grips appear to say AME. The Front Fork Says Cook Bros Racing Santa Ana, California I assume it is Cook Brothers Fork, The Bottom Bracket is also Cook Brothers Racing (cool classic bb to 3 piece conversion) The tires are the ones I got with the bike not in good shape, but I thought the more original the bike, the better the restoration info. All I Did to the bike was wipe down and put the Hbars on (had a road stem and flat bars).

My Name is Tyler from LUXLOW.COM  We Specialize in Antique Bikes: Wood Wheel, Prewar and Post war Ballooner Bikes, All Schwinns, Stingrays, and Vintage Road and Track Racers.  We Do Not have a Old School BMX Section and I was sure enthusiasts would like some info on this bike,  So post this for you.  These Gem is on ebay 2/12 with More photos and info. The Info I Have given should be true and if anybody has more info i will ad and correct info. Enjoy.



#2 2012-02-19 2:45am

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Re: 1979 S&S Bigfoot 26

sweet looking ride!  very clean, uncluttered... nicely done big_smile

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#3 2012-02-19 4:18am

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Re: 1979 S&S Bigfoot 26

I had a 1951 harley chopper ratbike that was built in early 70's had a S&S carb and aircleaner on it...they were around making harley stuff back then too......   Unless it changed ownership or such should be same company.



#4 2012-02-19 7:27am

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Re: 1979 S&S Bigfoot 26

Glad you got it posted up Tyler.  That is a beauty.

I need a red Cycle Pro Trophy!



#5 2012-06-23 8:51pm

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Re: 1979 S&S Bigfoot 26

That is a thing of beauty let me know first If it's ever for sale
Been looking for one for a while now
Cheers dave




#6 2012-07-20 5:58pm

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Re: 1979 S&S Bigfoot 26

awesome machine cool

Whatcha don't know, now ya do know, N-word...



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