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1985 Hutch Trick Star

http://bmxmuseum.com/image/1st_woody_trickstar_1024_x_768.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/2nd_woody_trickstar_1024_x_768.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/3rd_woody_trickstar_1024_x_768.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/4th_woody_tricksatar_1024_x_768.jpg

1985 Hutch Trick Star

This is my Holy Grail of BMX

This is my Woody Itson replica that i built earlier this year. It has taken me a long time to get this finished to the exact spec but it is finally done (just need to re-do the plate decals which i have ready). I have to say a big thanks to all the guys from all over the world who helped get the parts to me in the UK and this bike just right, you know who you are. I would say probably 80% of the parts are NOS and the rest have been restored to perfection.
I hope you enjoy seeing this as much as i do.

1985 US Hutch Trickstar Frameset - Restored
Hutch 'Woody' Freestyle Bars - NOS
Hutch Number Plate - NOS
Hutch Western 'H' Stem - NOS
ACS Pro Rotor - NOS
85 Dated DC Cables - NOS
Hutch Headset - NOS
ACS 'Tech 3' Locking Levers - Restored
DC MX1000 Brakes
AME Unitron Grips - NOS
Hutch Seat Post Clamp - NOS
SST Command Post - Restored
Kashimax Aero Seat with KSM Guts - NOS
ACS 'Woody Itson' Signature Z Rims - NOS
Hutch RadKaps
Hutch Freestyle Tyres - NOS
Hutch Front Hub - Restored
SST 'Woody Itson Freestyler' Rear Coaster Hub with all original hardware - Restored
Hutch Aerospeed 180mm Cranks and BB - Restored
Phil Wood Spider - NOS
Tuff Neck 44T Chainwheel - NOS
Correct Black & Silver Izumi Chain - NOS



************** Wtb - Profile Horseshoe Pedals Please **************



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Re: 1985 Hutch Trick Star

Beautiful work! cool



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Re: 1985 Hutch Trick Star

Looks great bro!!! Well done!🚲

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Re: 1985 Hutch Trick Star


Nice collection of other bikes too.  All class smile



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Re: 1985 Hutch Trick Star

Very nice and very jealous! Excellent build.cool

Cool, a new bike.  Wait a minute.......where am I going to hide this one.  She's going to catch me...

Wanted: 90 Holmes f/f decals, Odyssey parts in vapor blue



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Re: 1985 Hutch Trick Star

SWEET Trick Star...smile



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Re: 1985 Hutch Trick Star

someone help me pick my jaw up from the floor . wow that rear hub is just incredible.and all correct parts. very nice job a fav for sure....smile



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Re: 1985 Hutch Trick Star

Very nicely done! Faved for sure.

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Re: 1985 Hutch Trick Star

wow fav!

my post's # is low cuz I spend most of my time in the for sale section and all of my posts wind up getting deleted hmm



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