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1975 Murray Jack Rabbit

http://bmxmuseum.com/image/jack_rabbit_1.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/jack_rabbit_2.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/jack_rabbit_3.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/jack_rabbit_4.jpg

1975 Murray Jack Rabbit

I picked this up today. It was a store display for the past several years and it was time for it to go. It is in original unrestored condition. The seat has been changed out to a Persons but I think it adds a touch of cool to it! The paint is the original matte (dirt) black. It has some scrapes and scratches but very good overall. The tires are original and have a little dryrot but hold air and are rideable. The chrome wheels have a little rust but will clean up easily. The chrome springer fork works like it should. Wald pedals. The only information I could find on it is an ad in the Merced Sun-Star dated April 25, 1975. This bike hasn't been ridden much. I think most of the scratches have come from moving it around over the years.




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Re: 1975 Murray Jack Rabbit

cool bike ...id ride it .....that seat is horrible though .

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