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1982 Team Jag

http://bmxmuseum.com//image/bmx2_copy6.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/bmx1_copy15.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/bmx3_copy9.jpg

1982 Team Jag

Nice rare oldschool bike

Don't know much about the old girl, i 'found' it in a plumbers' garage, it's been there over 20 years and belonged to his daughter......he bought it used in the mid 80's as a gift, where it was before this i'm unsure.....the bike has seen very little wear and tear, girls bikes rock! This is just a quick post, before i've even cleaned it.......i will be removing the non original stickers, and giving her a general tidy up soon......hope you like her i'll submit some better pics, and the specifications when i've stripped her and cleaned her.... oh....thanks to the guys who ID'd it over on the Name It!! section....




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Re: 1982 Team Jag

Yeah it will look better with the real stickers. Look for the old Jason Jensen adds from that era when he rode for jag and maybe do it up as a Replica. Some one already did a replica of his Torker. Jason was without a doubt the fastest young gun of his era. I had the privilege of riding with him and another friend once from our hotel in Vineland NJ (for a National) to the skatepark.

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Re: 1982 Team Jag

hey I have a friend who would be interested in buying if you d sell her.

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