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1979 American Flyer

http://bmxmuseum.com/image/flyer.1.20110918.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/flyer.2.20110918.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/flyer.3.20110918.jpg

1979 American Flyer

1979 American Flyer by Kuwahara

Thrift store find for $3! This is the same as the Apollo Kuwahara except it has better components than what I have seen on the original Apollo's. Bike has Araya rims with Suzue hubs, Sugino crank w/ Sugino "Snowflake" chainring, Dia-compe brakes, alloy "V" bars and fluted seatpost. The brakes and seatpost were originally red, but were so faded that I stripped the anodizing and polished them up. I had an American Flyer as kid, which was Kuwahara made as well, except mine was black with chrome forks and was a full chrome-moly frame and fork.




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Re: 1979 American Flyer

Cool lugged frame!cool

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Re: 1979 American Flyer

I had one when I was younger too, I can't believe yours is the only one in the Museum. Before you posted your bike, I thought I had the name wrong of my old bike, but finally an American Flyer was posted. Thanks for showing me I am not crazy. That was my first BMX bike.

looking for first gen bullseye pedals, reissued OK, or Bob Reedy 2007 reissued pedals by helix.



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