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1984 JMC Racing Darrell Young

http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_1314_copy1.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_1322_copy1.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_1341_copy2.jpg

1984 JMC Racing Darrell Young

Factory ship date was 3/27/1985
Shipped to- HOT WHEELS UK
Factory color- WHITE
The 585th DY produced
The 34th white DY made (out of 42-I believe)

This is a true original finish NOS frame that I purchased from Richie Haney. Whom bought it directly from Jim Melton himself when Richie and Jeff bought the JMC stock many years ago.  I spoke with Jim on this and asked him how or why he would have this particular frame set back if it were shipped out in 85. His only response was that either the frame was ordered from the UK, but for some strange reason never shipped. Or it was shipped but was returned due to it being the wrong frameset  or warranty repair.  I sent him over 40 pics from every angle and every possible detail to confirm the og paint was in fact his doing. Which he confirmed. As did several other collector friends that inspected it. He pointed out that the bubbling paint (didnt bond properly) around the brake bridge hole could have possibly been the reason it was returned. He also believes that this was one of the original white frame/white fork sets. And it was possible that the buyer didnt return the fork if the frame was needing a warranty repair. So Jim supplied a different fork
Part list as follows
1984 NOS Darrell Young frame
Darrell Young fork
Nos Darrell Young bars
Jmc original layback seastpost
Nos Mushroon grips
Tange 125 headset
nos VDC converter cups
nos Suntour vx euro bb
Campagnolo cranks dated 84
Nos Suntour pedals
NOS ACME chain
nos DC MX1000 Caliper w/ Tech 3 lever 84 DC cable
nos red Ambrosio rims
Campagnolo tipo hubs
Asahi DB spokes
Real og Mitsuboshi Comp 3 yellow label tires fat/skinny
nos SR stem
JMC 1st gen padset- Jim stated the Darrell preferred these pads even after the 2ng gens were released
nos Shotgun 2 seat


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Re: 1984 JMC Racing Darrell Young

very very very sick! cool



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Re: 1984 JMC Racing Darrell Young

Wow, I'm impressed.

PL-24 Frame pad
RL-20 Frame Pad
Redline Victory Bars



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Re: 1984 JMC Racing Darrell Young

looked killer in person.  very nice job nick

WANTED::::anything reynolds racing
WANTED::::bandito jersey
WANTED::::yellow panaracer tire 1 1/8
WANTED::::jmc pit bike
WANTED::::less talk,more riding



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Re: 1984 JMC Racing Darrell Young

Very impressive...........great colors too. Very clean ride my friend!

American made, guaranteed ass kicking! S&M, Thomson, Crupi, Profile.....they're my peeps!

All I can say is get out there and ride, be a kid again, thats what it's all about!



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Re: 1984 JMC Racing Darrell Young

Looking good............

My wife just came in to me and said, I don't know if I am coming or going. I said to her, Judging by the look on your face, you are going because when you are coming, you look like a fu ckin g Down Syndrome kid trying to whistle!



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Re: 1984 JMC Racing Darrell Young


"A flock of geese fly 71% further than one flying alone..."



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Re: 1984 JMC Racing Darrell Young

yikes love to have this

Wanted profile stamped bottom bracket.. 1 or a pair
Mint bulldog stamped stem



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