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2000 Redline Supa X


2000 Redline Supa X

Custom Redline Supa X

This is a custom Redline Supa X. I don't have a specific year, but as far as I can tell, it's 2000-2002 vintage. While Redline marketed the Supa X as a DJ bike, we built the frame up to be a custom Flatland/Freestyle street bike. Built entirely by my 8 year old son Nick (under my supervision) we converted the army green frame into a military theme with camo seat and tires, and green hand grenade valve caps. Here are the specs: Frame: Redline Supa X Serial # WVOK 14411 Fork: Redline street fork w/990 mounts Bars:Fly Bike Suelo Grips:ATS IPS Levers: Odyssey Ratchet Brakes: DiaCompe 990 Headset: FSA Pig (Big Balled) Detangler: Odyssey GTX Stem FSA BlackEye Cranks: Redline Monster Pedals:Generic Black Aluminum Front Sprocket: Profile Widowmaker 44 T Chain: Unknown, Silver Wheelset: Alex Supra B 36 hole Hubs: ACS Flip flop w/ACS Freewheel Tires: Sweetskinz Camo Pegs: Redline Seatpost: Shadow Conspiracy Lean Seatpost Clamp: Primo Saddle: Diamondback Camo Custom decals for top tube: "BMX By Nick" Valve caps: Green aluminum hand grenades Green crimps for brake lines




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Re: 2000 Redline Supa X

i love the army woodland camo theme- a man after my own heart! HOO-AH!

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Re: 2000 Redline Supa X

Yeah, where did you get the camo sweetskinz? I don't remeber seeing those on their website.

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Re: 2000 Redline Supa X

you have inspired me on my supa x build. i just bought a frame like yours. love the camoflouge.i am stealing somewhat of your idea. good thing its not copyrighted.lol. yours looks real good though. love it



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Re: 2000 Redline Supa X

One of the best bikes Redline made.



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