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#1 2010-07-19 8:32pm

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2006 Mongoose Motomag Replica

http://bmxmuseum.com/image/picture_373.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/picture_371.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/picture_372.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/picture_373_copy0.jpg

2006 Mongoose Motomag Replica

Awesome looking Mongoose!!!!

It's a brand new 2004 Mongoose retro, modified as I like! #469 of 500!!!

This bike has been SOLD




#2 2010-11-12 7:27pm

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Re: 2006 Mongoose Motomag Replica

did mongoose re-release these, or how is it a replica?



#3 2011-01-29 7:53pm

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Re: 2006 Mongoose Motomag Replica

yeah they repop the old gooses for a little while, but they are no where near the originals quality. i dont even think theyre made with chro-mo.

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#4 2016-03-29 7:50pm

Doug Williams
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Re: 2006 Mongoose Motomag Replica

Too funny.... I have #470......smile

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