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#1 2010-06-21 8:07am

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1981 Mongoose Supergoose

1981 Mongoose Supergoose

Original owner!

Got this bike when I was twelve.  Sold my kawasaki kv75 to buy this.  They started to build more homes around so we lost motorcycle riding areas.  Originaly had Araya 7x rims in blue but my brother traded them for something.  Has the original Kashimax seat, SS bars, gold stem, decals, pedals and crank.  Had a set of old coaster tuff II's put a un-brake in them with 20x2.125 in front and 20x1.75 tires in the rear.  This bike sat in my shed for over twenty years I finally brought it in and did a clean up and semi resto.  Glad that I have kept it all these years. Still looking for my Mongoose pads and Haro number plate.  Their somewhere at my parents.  I'll find them!



#2 2010-06-21 2:34pm

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Re: 1981 Mongoose Supergoose

Nice color combo and a great looking goose of yours.
Saved as a fave!

I'm looking for the following frames, frame & forks or completes by BMX products:
MotoTrac (nickle or chrome), Racer-X or a Super-X (with the double gussets).
Thanks wink
I'm also johnng23604 at "Retro-goose", "VintageBMX" & "RADbmx"



#3 2011-05-02 9:03am

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Re: 1981 Mongoose Supergoose


WTB: * NOS Oakley F1 grips black/yellow * KKT FMX/LMX Pedals * Skyway Tuff Graphite pedals/cages * NOS Oakley 2 red right side only * NOS Oakley 1 red left side only * NOS chrome KKT FMX left side pedal 9/16



#4 2014-02-15 9:06am

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Re: 1981 Mongoose Supergoose

love this bike!  awesome.  has that old school look for sure.  this is exactly the way a rider would've looked back then. plus, it has a sort of Cru Jones feel to it!  smile

marked as fave.



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