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#1 2010-04-09 1:05pm

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2000 Haro Zippo

http://bmxmuseum.com/image/102_2129.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/100_1512_copy1.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/haro_zippo_3.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/100_1401_edited.jpg

2000 Haro Zippo

My lucky find

My 99 Haro Zippo that i found at a swap meet. Got it DIRT CHEAP. It looked basically all stock for the most part.Cut the rear drop outs to fit 14mm axles. Aside from that, the crank and the forks were also slightly bent. I got it home to clean and fix it up w/ the parts left over from my Haro F4 that i just recently sold. Went for a spin and wow... feels like a Sport sized Master.
Future plans is to make it to a black retro master. more to come
Well... here it is ... done at last. The 2nd pic is how I had it a few months ago. 3rd. pic is how it was when I got it. Kinda like the evolution of this build. Feels like a different bike. It needs a diet. I think it weighs about 35lbs. =P
The Breakdown:
99 Haro Zippo Frame, 03 Haro Straight shooter fork (Haro F4)
88 Haro Bars w/ODI Longneck grips cut down w/ Haro Bar ends
Haro Fusion Stem
Alex Supra E-Pro rims w/Suzue front and XS sealed rear
Odyssey path tires 20x1.85
Haro 43t CD re-pop from Xtremevert
Redline dual pinch flights 175mm w/Redline Device BB and GT pedals
Diacompe AD990 rear w/ Diatech Fiesta spring kit and Diatech Hombre front w/Kool Stop eagle claw pads.
Kalloy 400mm post w/Viscount Dominator seat
Decals from Joe6187
Anything else ... stock ...lol


One 20x1.75 tan wall PRIMO V-MONSTER
1 chrome Rhyno Lite 48 rim.
Rear Suzue/Peregrine 48 sealed mech hub



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Re: 2000 Haro Zippo

Needs to go on a diet or not,WOW Great Job smile. What a difference from the B-4 & After ! Damn Dude U hit this one on the money! May be Heavy,but damn I could just stair at his all day ! Ken

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#3 2011-01-06 10:20am

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Re: 2000 Haro Zippo

Looking good Ro



#4 2011-02-17 4:12pm

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Re: 2000 Haro Zippo

Great job...big_smile Well done, very cool bike...cool

Wife loves it when another package shows up in the mail..big_smile....NOT...big_smile

Question is, is the spoon really there?



#5 2011-03-31 10:36pm

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Re: 2000 Haro Zippo

very cool cool




#6 2011-05-29 12:59pm

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Re: 2000 Haro Zippo

you did a Awesome Job!!!cool

i'm always online, but I come on the site a few times during the day....



#7 2012-09-29 3:25pm

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Re: 2000 Haro Zippo

Wow! When can mine will look good as yours, im jealous tongue

Still looking for Haro Hevron Stem... T_T



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