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#1 2009-12-04 6:05pm

Pro MemberBloody Plastic Seat
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1997 Schwinn Super Stock 3

1997 Schwinn Super Stock 3

Thrift store find.

Found it at a thrift store and put on some Oddy civilian bars, DK post, chain tensioners and a 3 piece on it, makes a good inexpensive racer.



#2 2010-01-24 12:29am

Admin*Mr. Vacation*
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Re: 1997 Schwinn Super Stock 3

Nice Thrift score!! I never find anything worth a damn. All you need to do is put a Hutch stem, Mike d bars, And pro pedals on it!!!! Perfect!! lol



#3 2013-12-06 4:19pm

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Re: 1997 Schwinn Super Stock 3

would you sell this?

Collection Complete. If you want to see my actual bikes I stopped adding to MY BIKES because of hassle of uploading

HuffyRider87 claims I'm a 'seathole' because he low-balled me on a bike, claiming its worth nothing and 'just a Huffy' and I told his ass whats up. Just a Huffy you wanted, and dont have. LOL.



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