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1985 Hutch Wind Styler

http://bmxmuseum.com/image/w1_copy0.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/w2_copy0.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/w3_copy0.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com/image/w4_copy0.jpg

1985 Hutch Wind Styler

The Wind Styler. A trick bike that archives lightness and maneuverability without tradeoffs in control or stability. The Wind Styler has platforms under the seat, on the rear chainstays, and on the fr

Hutch Wind Styler F/F Hutch Western H Stem
Hutch Pro Racer Bars
Dia-Compe Tech-77 levers
Dia-Compe MX 901 Chrome Brakes
Odyssey Gyro
Tange Grips
Lay Back Post
Hutch Seat Clamp
Trick Top Seat
Peregrine Record Chain Wheel
Hutch Bear Trap Pedals (repro)
Hutch Pad Set (repro)
White Wall Tyres
20” Chrome Rims




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Re: 1985 Hutch Wind Styler

Max your bike are cool Bro!!



#3 2009-10-01 3:31pm

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Re: 1985 Hutch Wind Styler

Too Cool. Man I like the wheel/tire setup. Really makes the bike.Peace     Paul



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Re: 1985 Hutch Wind Styler

That Bike Is Awesome. Now Just Loose The Odd Handlebar Placement.lollollollol




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Re: 1985 Hutch Wind Styler

Nice build!

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Re: 1985 Hutch Wind Styler

Sick ! big_smile

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#8 2014-01-13 6:19am

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Re: 1985 Hutch Wind Styler

Had a white WindStyler BITD! Rode that bike hard and it held up to everything.

Suddenly want one again after seeing yours.

Very nice build!!!

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Re: 1985 Hutch Wind Styler

Nice hutch:cool:

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