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1979 Team Jag

http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_9259_blowu22.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_9259_blowup.jpg

1979 Team Jag

This was my 1978 Team Jag  which had the clear gold coating. I got this bike from a good friend back in 1982 and then sold it to me ex-girlfriends brother in1987 (silly me). This is the only pic I can find so far. Later on I added new parts like :
* Ukai blue alloy rims,
* CW Bars,
* MX Graphite pedals,
* 3 piece alloy cranks,
* blue MX 1000's calipers & levers,
* blue & white Oakley checkered grips and checkered pads (God I loved Checkered parts back then so 80's like my Mullet),   
* cr-mo chain, and other great parts as well.
It looked So sweet and it cost me a pretty penny too back then. Sorry guys I dont have a later pic of it when it was completed. Might have a good look for it later and up load it. Regards Steve - Luv the Jags - Keep on Cruising




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Re: 1979 Team Jag

wow I miss these big_smile

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Re: 1979 Team Jag

A true image of a boy's WTF.... Can I  get  a wrench  ????  No,  OK.... Then let's go get some gun powder.... Ka-boooyaha  !!

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