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#1 2009-03-09 10:28am

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1985 Hutch Trick Star


1985 Hutch Trick Star


C4 Labs Hutch Trick Star!  Fresh Candy powder over fresh chrome for that extra bling.  Not sure if i will build this or just hang it on my mantle.  Hope to put it together for pics anyway.  I am even debating making a rider out of it.  Decisions, decisions.......
Recently decal'ed with chrome on clear decals autographed by Mike Dominguez and Woody Itson!  I also have Flight 401's, NOS ACS Stoker pedals powdered to match, a Hutch Donut clamp, and powdered Vector Bars.


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#2 2010-01-14 7:23pm

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Re: 1985 Hutch Trick Star

awesome , love the color cool




#3 2011-05-30 11:57am

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Re: 1985 Hutch Trick Star

Looks like you caught a mouse under the end table there. lol   Nice TS... The PK looks like its nice also! cool



#4 2014-04-29 5:45pm

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Re: 1985 Hutch Trick Star

So did you ever build this?

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#5 2014-08-07 7:25pm

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Re: 1985 Hutch Trick Star

I gotta be real with you. I prefer OG & good survivors, but that candy red is HOT !!! Kudos! cool



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