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#1 2006-05-14 9:50am

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1995 Ironhorse Typhoon

http://bmxmuseum.com//image/ironhorse6.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/ihorse5.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/ihorsedrop.jpg

1995 Ironhorse Typhoon

This company also makes mtn bikes and more, they have a unique deal whehere the seat stays meet the frame.


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#2 2006-12-27 5:25pm

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Re: 1995 Ironhorse Typhoon

I think i might have the same bike can u email my some more pictures of it?



#3 2007-10-14 2:39pm

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Re: 1995 Ironhorse Typhoon

just wonderin', whats up with the front wheel....

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#4 2011-05-22 5:56am

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Re: 1995 Ironhorse Typhoon

very cool

I never log out but ill get back to you as soon as possible. im 14



#5 2014-06-25 4:45pm

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Re: 1995 Ironhorse Typhoon

I almost bought one of these a while back. It was just a frame. After seeing your's built up I now know I should have bought it. Very cool G. cool

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