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uber rare nos HUTCH JUDGE sticker set!

Feb 4 '13 7:44PM PST
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Yup, uber rare near-complete decal set for the Judge frame set, including a never seen pair of vintage NOS black-on-chrome Judge Series stay decals. To add a cherry on top, I'll also be including 2 Nora Cup decals, both of which I believe are vintage NOS, but are actually 2 different sizes. The smaller is a darker red, not quite centered on the die-cut correctly, and has a split-peel backing...which if I had to guess, would be a more accurate assumption of a true and correct period Nora Cup sticker. But in case you disagree, this set includes both versions, and both are for the 1984/1985 seasons. I am also including 2 downtube stickers, just in case you mess up one of them when applying. All have telltale yellowing of the backside liner except the 2 fork stickers, but the fork stickers did come from the same package as the head tube and Genuine sticker, which are both yellowed.

In all my years of collecting, I have only seen 4 sets of authentic nos Judge stay decals, and 3 were white-on-clear. And if you're not aware, modern reproductions all have a slight difference from OG, which was implemented by the first guy who did repro layouts for the Judge, which was sometime prior to 2004 and the Chris Baron sets. 

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