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MM26-03 26" Retro Mongoose.

May 24 '15 9:07AM PDT
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Up for grabs is a 26" replica of one most iconic 20" BMX bikes of all time. This bike has garnered quite the attention over the last few years. I've enjoyed the attention its brought, but now it's time to let her go. I have several other projects in the wings waitng their turn, so this has to go to someone who will enjoy it.

MM26-03 ( 26" Mongoose 1976 Replica / 4130 Chromo / 2nd Gen OM Flyer Geometry / Powder Coated Black / BMX products stickers

Mongoose KOS fork: chromed / Mongoose headset: chromed /  Mongoose stem: Gold-Chrome plated / Johnny Chopper bars: chromed / BMX products grips

Mongoose 'stamped" 180mm crank: chromed / Black KKT Pedals / Mongoose 28pti bottom bracket: chromed / Sugino 40 tooth chainring: chromed / KMC chain: chrome

Mongoose "stamped" seat-clamp; chromed / Custom solid aluminum seat-post w/ hand engraved Mongoose logo / Mongoose "stamped Kashimax suede seat (the real one)

Custom machined Billet 26" Motomags / Bendix 76 rear hub & housing / Bendix 19t Sproket; chrome / Bendix 76 brake arm: chrome / 26"x2.125 IRC knobbies

Well, the time has come for me to start thinning the Collection as they say. I spent allot of time putting this baby together and it's been fun. I painstakingly searched for 2 years to have these mags made, and it was another 2 years before they were finished. This was a pretty expensive endeavor, so understand my asking price. This frame is 1 of 5 Custom Made. I own 4 of them and another is in Australia. I'll have regrets later on, but hey! I've enjoyed it. I hope whom ever buys it will too!

Please don't post any negitive comments or remarks about this listing and the asking price. If you're serious about the bike, please send me a PM.




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HOLY !!!             AWESOME !!!

pretty cool ride big_smile

i didnt know mongoose did this....WOW IS A UNDERSTATEMENT

who or what co. built the frame ?


Those wheels are pure art.

I'm speechless, there's nothing like old school (art) bikes.

Woah, 26" motomags!!!!! Never thought I'd see that! Amazing bike. 'Art' is right!

Kerry here, this bike is a one off, fully custom and multiple show winner, it wins everywhere it goes. Complete OG selling here and a good dude. If I was banking this kind of cheddar, I'd be riding it right now, sick bike, much more sick in person.  No expense spared.

it goes with out saying, but... holy shit!!!

frank this things insain

OMG...that is super nice...GLWS...big_smile

Everything is pricey, burgers are 99cents and salads are $5. You pay for quality, you pay to get something no one else has.  Multiple show winners, one off's and customs are not a department store Dyno's with flashy decals.  You buy that bike, rest assured its the only one.  That bike doesn't ask for respect, it demands it.  I think it's well worth the cash.  I don't have that kind of dough for a bike but of I did.......

To fill in the off comment by, Clownpuncher. I had two posts removed before his last post, regarding an opinion on the price of the listing. Please keep comments directed towards the bike. If you have a question, please send me a PM.

Thanks! wink

Clever build, and worth the money!
I'd guess that there wasn't much change from $4k just for the Motomags. And then there is the Custom frame...$$$$
Keeping your dignity as 8 year olds ride past you on 24" bikes.....Priceless
If only you had made 100 of these, they could be more affordable.
Good luck with the sale! I wish I could buy it.

Rad!  looks a little like my 1986 26" Cyclops.

This is, hands down, the coolest bike I have ever seen. GLWS man, I wish I had the $$$.

great bike......... let me sell my car 1st..... lol big_smile


It's only more amazing in person - its the sickest retro ever, hell forever, for that matter !

26" MOTOMAGS!!!???!!!  Those are insane, I want some 24" ones too. I wish you could produce those at a semi reasonable price. You killed it on this build.  Absolutely stunning!

wow big_smile

That thing is waaay cool,26" motomags  straight up showstoper.coolcoolcool


As many have said. This bike is sweet! Nice nice! And even better in person. The wheels are so crazy cool! GLWS Roc.

Beautiful piece of 80's history, pure art that moves!  Shout out to Washington, Wish I could see her in person one day!  I'd ride my BMX from Kirkland to Mt. Rainier if I had too just to sneak a peak ;-)!

Up on the Bay for those who want to take a serious stab at it!! smile


Absolutely stunning!!

I've always coveted this bike.  If my refi closes soon, then maybe I'll have to convince the wife that I need a new toy.


Soooo cool,too bad its out of reach,i would love to ride this bad boy at a critical mass!!!best bike ever,by far...

tongue  very cool !!



Love it

seen it in person it is da-bomb.




wow big_smile


Awesome cool

Please post the E-bay link. I'm looking under all my pillows for $$$$$   :-)

best 26" bike ever.....

i wish somebody would put these into production//!!!

Very nice bike


fire ,wow cool

RAD! Mongoose should reproduce these like the KOS Krusier!

Very awesome, I have seen in person and WOW!! Roc knows how to build a bike 4 sure..
Fantasy bike really!! does this mean my RRS wlll be 4 sale soon? hehe

I can't afford it, but MAN do I want it!  That thing is too cool.

This bike is SICK!!!


INSANELY  SICK  !!!  ... remember years ago this was  NEVER  being sold. Somebody gonna be lucky  !!  big_smile

It ok .. I suppose ..

Nah it's flippin insane

lost in time. sale need restored.


Cool  bike!!

wtf is that???? wow


WOW, A true work of art.


Yeah, what everybody else said. BEAUTIFUL!


big_smile so cool

Just bad ass..

Amazeballs!! That's a thing of beauty right there; well done.  GLWS


Jumpin' Gehosphat!

You sir...are a Roc Star!!!!

This is beyond amazing!

Motomags are the baddest looking wheels when rolling. I still remember the first time I saw a pair in motion - can't say that for any other wheel. So it makes sense that a set is repop'd as big as possible!


Zoinks!  That thing is awesome!

That is absolutely Gorgeous!!

Yeah, what everybody else said...times 1000!

This bad boy is Soooooo sweet!! Have ridden this bad boy in person, nothing else like it!!


Bad Ass

very friggin cool, GLWS

The only retro-repop bike I would ever consider...insane!

Hold on, havin' a 'goose-gasm! You sir, are true to the game. GLWS and be sure to do that voodoo that you do, to bikes!

Part it out:D

This bike bas been for sale for over 2 years, so I'm guessing the auction ended by now.?
Beautiful bike.!! cool

Would be so RAD to have this