BMX For Sale / Brakes/Detanglers

Brake Cable Sets 3 for 19 or 7 each shipped

Mar 2 '15 5:52PM PST
Ship International
Trades OK

I will update the available colors in the first comment window below the listing. PM me with questions or for my paypal info. I always ship quickly via USPS from the main post office in Pasadena, CA.

One set is: 5 feet of LINED housing (choose your color), 1 wire, 1 wired end ferule (choose your color: blue, black, red, gold, green, chrome), and 2 chrome housing ends. Please note that if you need to do a front and rear you need 2 sets. (BRAKE PADS ARE SHOWN JUST FOR COLOR REFERENCE- THEY ARE AVAILABLE IN MY FOR SALE SECTION).

PLEASE NOTE: I think the red is a bit orangish red, but I have used it on RED builds and it looks fine.

The following colors have some writing printed on them, but it wipes off easily with just about any cleaner or solvent: black, dark blue, dark red, dark green, dark purple, dark pink, white, gold.

Prices (shipped)

1 set $7
2 sets $14
3 sets $19
4 or more sets: add $5 per set

1 set shipped Canada is $9 unless you need it shipped priority.

I also have gold which is not pictured in the pic with all of the other colors.


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As of 8/13 I have all colors.

Ay chance you have a cable set up for ACS rotors?

No- I don't really have it cut and set up for those. Sorry.

dibs 3 white....PM sent

Dibs one gold. Pm sent

Dibs 1 bright green and 1 dark pink.

Pm sent

Pm sent

Pm sent

What kind of wire is it? Steel, galvanized, stainless, stranded or solid?

standard cable- going to say stranded and I think they are stainless

dibs 2 white, 1 yellow, 1 black

dibs on 4

1) red, 1) white, 1) black, 1) yellow

Do the lime green cables have the long pads available or only short pads?

Cables and pads are separate. I do have the long green pads though.

dibs 1 gold

Dibs on one gold

Dibs on dark pink

Dibs on blue cable with blue ferule. PM sent.

dibs - one gold and one dark blue

Dibs 1blue

love it

Do you have Hot Pink?  How about silver/clearish?  Carolina Blue (baby blue)?
I love those translucent jackets!

Do you have any silver?

No silver cables, sorry. I think I have a silver padded seat which is something a lute different.

Dibs 1 blue set pm coming for pp

I need a yellow for front and back. how do I pay. in new

PM sent


PM sent

Very old thread.   Any inventory updates?