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ZERONINE plate numbers NOS misc colors and #s

Dec 21 '14 2:08PM PST
Ship International
Trades OK

Check the pics, this is what I have. Some rare colorways for sure. There are low quantities of some, dibs rule as first come first served. I will update which ones sell out if they ship (envelope with protective sleeve, delivery conf) UPDATED: As they sell out, I will cross them out. Some are down to ONE only!
The Numbers all measure approx 5x7" (of course the #1 won't be 5" wide!)

$4 each if you buy more than 3 (unlimited)


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Dibs yellow / red 1 & 2. Also dibs white / red 7 & 9? I may grab a few more too. Pls pm me

Dibs yellow / red 1 & 2. Also dibs white / red 7 & 9? I may grab a few more too. Pls pm me

Also dibs all black / white border 7 & 8

Replied to PM with pp info. thx 1979-4ever:D

Hey 1979-4ever.....are you still interested? Or was that a 'DIB-N-RUN'?neutral

I will PayPal tonite, sorry for delay. Family emergency

No problem cheif, just wanted to know if you were still interested. No hurry

Sent PayPal. Thanks again

dibs red/white #8 and red/white #7

dibs blue/white #8 and blue/white #9

Any #1 left in red/yellow?

Ill have to check....

Sorry , I don't have any #1 in red/yellow. I thought I did, I can go thru the big box of decals and see if there might be a loose one somewhere, I will PM you if I do find one. Thx for asking:)


Dibs on #2 Yellow/Red and #8 Red/ Yellow big_smile

got it old school D   big_smile

Dibs on Red & Yellow 8, Red and White 4, Blue and White 6, Black with White Border 8...

Dibs on two 6's Red and Yellow.

Yellow with red outline #6 all gone. yikes

Still lotd of colors and numbers ship and qty discount

Dibs on a yellow / red #7 & #8.  Pm me with paypal info and I'll forward payment.

Redline69, Numbers went out today, enjoy! sorry for the brief delay, USPS was supposed to do a pick-up and didn't show on Mon and Tue. mad

Dibs yellow/red #3

Dibs solid black 3 and 8
Dibs white w/blue outline 3 and 8


DIBS as per P.M.

All paid up bro. Thanks heaps. big_smile

Need to inventory these to see what is left, if you are inquiring about certain numbers/colors, PM me or post here and I will get back to you ASAP