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Huffy Sweet Thunder GIRLS BMX bike

Apr 11 '12 9:28AM PDT
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Trades OK
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This is a girls Sweet Thunder BMX bike.  Pretty good survivor, bottom of front fender rubbed against tire and is worn.  Seems to be all original. Free Shipping to lower 48 only.

If there is enough interest, I will part it.

Open to trades on this.  I need rear Black Tuff II (modern or metal flange), rear Blue Tuff II (modern or metal flange), pair Orange Tuff II's, Pair Green Tuff II's, shifter from old Krate/pea picker


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Item sold.


dibs on the seat if parted! lol

Nice price,I sold a pink thunder last year on eBay for 165 + 50 shipping !GLWS smile

those were actually called sweet a couple girls had em bitd in my nieghborhood...they even had a #plate that said sweet thunderon em.

anyways, just thought i would share some info there...

on the shifter ya looking for. hit up butlerglc. tell him rc sent ya. he has a hiny hole he has been pulling alot of stuff from that era from, he may even already have one or several at his house...if not, im sure on his next trip he can find ya one...may need a lil resto work. but he the one ya need to talk to about something like that bro.


lol that's right sweet bad .

Thanks, I changed the name and I would part it if enough interest.

don't part this pink piece of passion. I remember girls having these growing up....nice survivor!

Yeah, I would rather see someone get it fo their daughter.

Keep it together!!! Excellent condition...I have the number plate if anyone's interested

The 1st number and 5th number combined together is the year.
The 2nd through 4th numbers are the day of the year it was made.
Huffy is the manufacturer.
26 is the wheel size.
Last three numbers are the model.
80517huffy26434 translates to a 1987 Huffy Good Vibrations made on February 20th.
Got info from Huffy customer service 1-800-872-2453.

That's the sweetest BMX bike in old school history, even better than a Nomura or Harry Leary Turbo.

Don't kid yourself Dave, you should keep it for yourself as a rider. lol

Well. I threw it up on CL and a lady bought it for her long time chilldhood friend,  so it is gone, but wait, whats that I see way off in the corner at the flea market yesterday, off in the distance, is it pink ? It is a bike?  Is it in better shape that the other one?  Yes, SCORE!  Another Sweet Thunder from the Mile High Flea Market.....  I changed the pic at the top of the link

Nice! You got another one! I've got to throw mine on here! I've got the F/F and Crank!

didn't know these where considered bmx, had one in the back of the shed for years, good luck with the sale smile

I didn't know they where consider BMX ether or else mine would have been on here for sale along time ago.

Why wouldnt these br BMX ?  Shaggy, put yours up, actually, we just did a big swap meet show tonight i the Denver area and y son thought it was a "trick" bike and wanted to ride it.

mine got marked as sold because its not a BMX bike sad

re-list it,  i got one up too now and it hasn't been taken down yet

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