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2012 Bmxmuseum Racing Jersey

Aug 8 '13 6:33AM PDT
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Trades OK
bmxmuseum brand
Pads/Safety Gear/Clothes

Check em out, Yeah thats me sporting the new Jersey..
[b]I currently have ONLY Medium and even XXL sizes..Mar 6th, 2013[/b]
Starting with 10 of each size, a few spoken for already..Me, Mods etc..
When they are gone thats it until next year.
The $5 shipping covers any additional t-shirts, valve caps, stickers, coozies, lanyards etc, you might want also.
I have some Banners to match being made up now..6 feet wide..


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Item sold to townslo.


cool design. tobad yall dont have a basketball jersey style for some of socal guys that rock em in the summer

Dang you even hired a model for the photo shoot! tongue

Very cool cool

Sent out a bunch of them today, to the bmxmuseum team=Mods and admins..
only a few of the XL size left..lots of med and XXL tho..

Hey GAry....Need M size for me your Paypal addy.

Gary.... I will take an XL. Shoot me your Paypal Addy. I will pay for it immediately, but want you to hang on to it for a week before shipping. I'm out of Vegas for another week....

Why is the wall eating your face in the closer view pics?

I have one of these from GAry, they rule!!!  cool
Love the Vision Gator and Street Wear Graphics tied into the shirt.

Click on pic # 2. Doc! We have to get my parents to kiss at the Enchantment under the sea dance or I'll never be born!

what about 3X?

steady as she goes

trade you a museum clock for a jersey  GAry big_smilebig_smile

Just noticed I still have a stack of XXL size? anyone? trades?

Are the XXL still avail?

Shirt looks great

is there a section in the museum of past jersey designs? there should be, especially since the design changes from year to year.


Any of these left?

I still have XXL and medium in these..several of each

Looking forward to seeing how the one I got looks. cool

Ohh, and the 2013 Jerseys are on the way too...

What do the 2013 jerseys looklike?