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26" Two Wheelers Super Stroker III frame set

Mar 4 '17 8:38AM PST
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True Torch
Frames/Frame sets

Two Wheeler's Super Stroker frame sets. Frame and fork are number matched. Includes frame and fork. 22" top tube and 16" seat mast.

Built in Santa Ana, CA by True Torch from 4130 chromoly tubing. Available powder coated in orange, yellow, white, black and blue. Decals included. Built and ready for powder and then immediate shipping.

pm with questions or for other colors or international shipping. Shipping is for CON US.

Complete is for reference only and not for sale.


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Wow imo best tribute yet! cool

would make some cool 80s cruisers cool

man i want one !

Cool frame. What is tubing material?

Slate/ charcoal grey?

no chrome?

Powder only or you can have a raw one and have it plated yourself.
We pre-polish all tubing that will be plated. We do not feel it would be smart to polish a square tube because there's a posibility of burning to much corner material and affecting the structural integrity of the tubing.

I recently finished a build up of one of these framesets. All I can say is TRUE METAL ARTISTRY.
Mr. True Torch's attention to detail on his product line is by far better than any other "Custom Builder" The welds are DROP DEAD gorgeous.
If anyone is on the fence about buying one of his products, do so. I guarantee you will not be disappointed in any way.
bwheels is also very easy to deal with. As always, Thanks to Brent and Johnny for coming up with this idea and making it a reality for us to enjoy.

Thanks Nick. Send me some pics after Rockford.

So cool, wish I had money! cool

Cool, but I dont think I could ride a bike called the

super stroker

, it evokes weird imagery.wink

You may need a good therapist!

26 inch side hack time

That woud be so killer but good luck parking it.


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