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Kuwahara Padset Straight or V handlebar pad choose black red or blue

Nov 11 '17 2:29PM PST
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Pads/Safety Gear/Clothes

Just got more. Sept 24, 2015..LOTS of black straight bars!!

Kuwahara Re-issued 3-piece padset. Includes a stem pad, Choice of Straight or V-bar pad and a
top tube pad in high quality print on durable fabric with velcro
closure. Foam padding included. Sealed in plastic.
Manufactured to the original sizes from the 80's to fit KE-1, KZ-1,
KZ-2, KZ-2.5, KZ-83, KZ-84, Nova, Survivor, Apollo and other similar
Note, Products for sale to US and Canadian customers only,

If Purchasing from foreign countries, Please order from Jumpsports ebay page:



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these are rad, I ordered 3 sets a few months ago and they look identical to the old ones!

dont stop the re'pop very nice.

Pad set looks like the original...perfect big_smile many thanks

If it's comfirm to be for straight handlebar, I want to buy 1 set of black coloured ones from you.The is out of stock for the straight handlebars padset.

Yes, I am shipping with both straight and v-bar pads for now..I have 2-3 of each, black is sold out..
SO red, blue and yellow for now, hope to have more in may

Ok Gary....I'll wait for the black ones in May....I need it for my 1984 laserlite project

Same here, i need a black set with a straight handlebar, could you give me a pm when you get them?

Dibs black black kuwahara padset for straight handlebar - 1 set

Payment you but didnt get any reply.However,if the postage is going to cost more sending it to Malaysia,let me know,send me a paypal invoice,I'll send you the remaining balance.


PAID for a black set (with V-bar pad). Have not received any follow up regarding my PM sent after purchase. GAry, can you kindly confirm all is cool smile

GAry, let me know when you have black in stock smile

Do you have any blue TT and stem pads in stock GAry?

Any blue  sets with the straight handlebar pad???
If so I need one!!

Thanks GAry 4 the black Kuwahara straight pad set

Hi Garry, Ill take a Black V bar set if you have.
thanks and dibs

Yo sup GAry please let me know if you will be getting any more straight pads in black and red would really appreciate it send me a pm.


Looking for one straight bar pad & goose neck pad in black, please pm me if u have. Thanks!

Gary. Let me know about a set w a straight bar pad. Thanks
Tim cirello

I'd love to take a red set with a straight bar pad. Pls let me know.
Thanks, Blaze

Red set, straight bar GAry. Any left?

Do you have in blue for V bars???

YES! I do have blue V-bar, and lots more in stock.. GAry

Hi Gary - confirmed would like red set v handlebar - can you confirm you have an email receipt. What is the lead time roughly? Are these in stock? Thank you Mark

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