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Redline Flight Cranks with Redline American BB chrome and sticker kit

Feb 9 '18 7:36AM PST
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Get the new and stickers with all orders.

We also now have 44T (and other sizes) Flight Sprockets in all silver 3/32" that would fit this crank perfect with a 16T Freewheel

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Redline Redline 180mm chrome Flight cranks Crankset with Redline American bb and Flight crank Flight Crank Arm Sticker Kit

Redline Flight Crank Flight Cranks 180mm Chrome

Back in stock and includes a FREE Redline Crank Arm Sticker Kit. This kit has all the various crank arm stickers for the past 20 or 30 years.

Time tested 4130 chromoly tubular Cranks arms with a dual pinch bolt design, Redline 19mm chromoly spindle and all necessary Redline hardware for installation. The crank arm bolts come with red anodized washers not show in this picture.  Buy 5 pair and get 10% off. Requires 9/16" pedals. Right Side Drive is only available in Flite cranks and on most all non-freestyle cranks. Airmail is $45.00 to the UK, most of Europe, Japan and Australia.  USPS Airmail to Canada is $35.00.

Fact: American BBs measure 50mm or about 2" in diameter. Its the inside diameter of your frame where the bearing is pressed in.

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Text ACE: 1-607-644-3287

USPS Airmail to Most of Europe, Canada, Australia, NZ is estimated at $45.00


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