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-NOS- Dyno shoes size 12 hightops

Jun 13 '14 5:54PM PDT
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these hightops are nos dyno shoes in size 12, the print on them is "killer bats", and comes with a bag and a box marked dyno....
got these from the famous earl some years back. earl said when dyno sent these to him they only came in a clear dyno bag, but people thought it was odd that new shoes didnt come in a shoebox so dyno later sent boxes out for the shoes, so i guess these are earlier shoes since they have a bag AND also the box. these shoes sizes run kinda big so id say these fit more like a 13, but they are brand new from way back in 1986 so i doubt you would even want to wear them. they would look good on the shelf next to your other dyno/gt junk from the past.


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not too often you see these in adult sizes

wish i wore a 13 sad

you could buy them and shelf them tongue

awesome! cool ........just my size too......that's a MANS size right there wink

i wish i was still a size 12 (im a size 13)

The size runs big, so these fit like a 13 wink

theres a bike store at the corner,they sell the same dyno shoes,alotta diffrent colors,original bags and boxes...theyre 26 bucks!...not much sizes but theyre brand new still!

Cool story bro! lol
Have fun trying to find adult sizes. roll

dang these size 13 feet.and ima be in phx tomorrow

That size larger thing isn't true

I'm 8 1/2 got a pair of 7 1/2s because of that rumor

They didn't fit, someday my kid will grow into them

what sore is this?yikes