Bikes The latest bikes submitted to BMXmuseum. http:// PHP/5.3.9-1~dotdeb.3 1976 Champion <p><img src="" /></p> <p>My old ride from jr. high </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00rdPDT woodsidebikeshop 2012 United Supreme SU1 <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Got this bike in a trade , It is also singed by the one and only Aaron Ross! Very tough and smooth bike! Love the color! </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00rdPDT EnglishLane 1984 Raleigh Aero Pro Burner <p><img src="" /></p> <p>1984 Raliegh Aero Pro Burner, custom spec. Raleigh's flag ship bike back in the day </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00rdPDT jim350i 2011 Hoffman Strowler <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Last HB Kevin J. signature frame... </p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00rdPDT thiagoflat 1986 CW Racing Z-3000 <p><img src="" /></p><br /> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00rdPDT Toteburner 1988 Mongoose M-1 <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Original Survivor M-1 in RED. </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00ndPDT jimmyjambo43 2014 Rotation Product The Flatland Boy <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Signature by: Bon Prasetio (Bonbon)<br /> Flatland specific frame<br /> Top Tube: 17", 18.5" &#038; 19"<br /> Euro &#038; Spanish Bottom Bracket </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00ndPDT Guest 1988 ELF Doublecross <p><img src="" /></p><br /> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00ndPDT cswany 2013 Mongoose DJ682 26 <p><img src="" /></p> <p>26" BMX Dirt Jumper MTB Street Cruiser </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00ndPDT Guest 1999 Redman Warrior 24 <p><img src="" /></p> <p>95% of the parts for this build came from members, Thanks to all and thanks for looking. </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00ndPDT smokeyrust 1984 Torker Magnum 200 <p><img src="" /></p> <p>It's Serial number is on the bottum bracket NOT on back dropt out ! </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00ndPDT Knucklebutt 1966 Schwinn Fastback <p><img src="" /></p> <p>classic 1966 schwinn fastback "joe kid on a stingray" </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00ndPDT darudi 2015 Sunday Model-C 24 <p><img src="" /></p> <p>I fell in love. </p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00ndPDT Ripper88 1983 Redline 600a <p><img src="" /></p> <p>nice little race bike built as a daily rider, looks cool </p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00ndPDT willchurton 1995 Mongoose Solution <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Bought the frame and fork on this site. Got it togeather and she rides great! </p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00ndPDT Britto75 1982 Kuwahara KZ-1 <p><img src="" /></p> <p>15.00 DOLLAR BARGAIN </p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00ndPDT team hotfoot 1992 Crisp Pro <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Rare Aussie made frame.<br /> Not original forks. </p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00ndPDT primal 1997 GT Pro Performer <p><img src="" /></p> <p>I got this as frame, NOS from local GT dealer shop.</p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00stPDT glacas 1984 Diamond Back Viper <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Rides Awesome </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00stPDT FriendlyOne 2014 SE Racing P.K. Ripper <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Custom 26" PK Ripper </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2015 %PDT -07:00stPDT Erikv