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1975 Webco Team Replica

1975 Webco Team Replica

This is a very early 'undrilled' brake bridge Webco Team Replica frame, Redline nickel forks (undrilled with original decals), rare Mijon double clamp stem and more...

1975 Webco Team Replica

All original condition paint and decals.

frame: WEBCO Team Replica

chainring: WEBCO 44t

forks: REDLINE nickle forks

stem: MIJON mx3003 double clamp

seat: KASHIMAX quilted

bars: FMF aluminum 

rims: MOTOMAG II bendix coaster

tires: CHENG SHIN c-183  (20" X 1.75) front/rear


headset: TANGE

pedals: KKT Rat Trap

bottom bracket: SCHWINN

seatpost: STEEL

seat clamp: STEEL

grips: OURY

chain: D.I.D.

pad: BLACK vinyl 

numberplate: HUNT WILDE

decals: D.I.D. chains, BEL-AIR lubricants, BELL helmets

Submitted by TrulyOdd

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