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1979 SE Racing OM Flyer 26

1979 SE Racing OM Flyer 26

First Generation OM Flyer

1979 Om Flyer


1979 Om Flyer frame, chrome. Not sure if these are original decals or finish, but they sure look like it. Decals are really faded and chrome is in decent shape, but some small pitting and a little flaking. Structurally though, frame is in great shape. Contemplated re-chrome, but on the advice of a couple good friends, here on the museum.... “It’s only original once!” So, I just built around the frame, and the bars (which were the only other thing I was able to use when I purchased the bike). Still not sure what the bars are, so if anyone can shed some light on their identity, I’d appreciate it!

LG cowboy cut forks. Just slapped some LG stickers on them that I had lying around.

Hatta headset

Tuf Neck inverted

Ame grips

Dia Compe 1080 w/ lefty lever (all I could find right now- so bolts are facing up, oh well)

Tuf neck seat clamp

SE knurled post

Elina seat

Campy 175 cranks 

Mighty compe chain ring

Suntour XC II pedals. Polished bodies/ cages and chrome spindles

2 NOS Izumi chains

Ukai 26 X 1.75 w/ Sunshine 2nd gen. hubs

NOS Tioga comp 3 (blue/silver) 

and a new retro pad set.

Submitted by frankbal