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1998 SE Racing Floval Flyer 24

1998 SE Racing Floval Flyer 24

My 24" Cruiser

I am the original owner and bought the bike from Hank and Frank Bicycles in Berkeley CA. I don’t remember the exact year that I bought it but it was in the late 90s. Not long after I bought it, I had a local frame builder weld front brake mounts to the forks. Now I wish I hadn’t done that but what is done, is done. The rear tire and the grips have been replaced. Other than that, the bike is completely stock and original.

·         Wellgo Pedals

·         One Piece Crank with 40T Pro Neck Sprocket

·         17T Rear Sprocket

·         KMC Chain

·         ALEX AL-DM Double Wall Rims

·         Tioga Comp III 1.75” Front Tire

·         Maxxis Holy Roller 1.75” Rear Tire

·         Shimano Front Brake

·         DiaComp 747 Rear Brake

·         ODI Grips

·         AHeadSet

·         Velo Seat

If anyone can give me more info regarding the stock part specs I would appreciate it.

Submitted by matt640h