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1996 SE Racing Floval Flyer 24

1996 SE Racing Floval Flyer 24

Ride #6, Electric Blue - finally a cruiser for dad

So after building a few bikes for the kids, I realized our old 20" bikes are a little on the small side for me, and I wanted a decent cruiser.  Finally, this frame and fork popped up locally, and I jumped on it.  It's either a '95 or '96 US made Floval Flyer, and what is pretty unique is that it is anodized blue (vs. powder coated).  It's really luminescent, and rides great!  Specs ("CP" = (Current Production)):


~'96 SE Floval Flyer F/F, (Landing Gear threadless forks), frame is anodized blue 

-CP A'me Tri grips

-CP SE Powerwing Cruiser bars

-CP ESP "13" stem

~2009 unidentified headset

~'96 Alex AL-DM 24 6061-T6 double wall 24" rims, twisted spokes, ~'96 Formula loose ball bearing hubs

-CP Cheng Shin Comp III style tires, 1.75"

~'96 Dicta chrome freewheel (17 tooth)

-CP Izumi 3/32" chrome chain

-CP Redline Flight cranks (180 mm), CP Porkchop retro spider, CP Porkchop chainwheel (39 tooth)

~'83 Suntour XCII braced pedals, with homemade cages

~'89 Kashimax TM-1 seat

~'96 'Dia Compe 747 V brakes + ~'96 Dia Compe MX122 lever

Submitted by troynlori


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