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1984 Redline PL-20

1984 Redline PL-20

My Daughters Old School ride

My daughter asked me to build up a bike with her last year.  She's a bit of a chrome freak, so i waited for something cool to pop up that had a fairly long TT for an older bike.  When Da Missle (thanks Mike) decided to let this go, i knew it was perfect.  It did have some nice 3rd gen Profiles on it, but they got thrown up on the chopping block for another deal and the poor little girl was stuck with the Sugino OPC rig.  She was freaking pissed!  LOL but she got over it.  She rode it at the last Old School Ride and loved it.  Rides out great.  Looks great in person.  The decals have been replaced on f/f.  Added decals to the UKAI wheels.  And those are repop pads.  But we had a good time and she rocks this bad boy stylin' at the rides. 

Submitted by DarthBatman

  • Race
  • Company: Redline
  • Model: PL-20
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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