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1983 Rebel Racing General Lee

1983 Rebel Racing General Lee

Holy Grail F/F

My first BMX Museum purchase is off of Shane AKA Vbiker some months ago.

What's to say, except Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this mint condition '83 Rebel General Lee F/F

The price was exceptional and I was very surprised it had not sold when I came across it.  Every other original part from the General had already sold.  I guess it was meant to be.  

As a kid, this was the bike dreamed about.  There was an older BMX pro racer and champ in my neighborhood named Danny Sims who raced rebel and was the coolest.  My best friend and I would just drool and drool over his bike(s).  

He was not a BMX prick and would always let us ride with him.  He was so genuine he would even let us ride his race bikes every now and then.  I still remember the first time he let me take his General Lee for a spin.  I was a billion dollars that day.  

I finally scored an original decal set for the forks and am in the process of starting to build this fastboy.  


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