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1982 Race Inc RA-24

1982 Race Inc RA-24

RA-24 Rider

I bought this frame and fork in June 2017 from a member of this site in Puerto Rico. It came in great shape. No re-welds or cracks with really clean drop outs. The frame was stripped down bare. The forks were chrome, but the chrome was peeling and rusted. My goal was to restore this bike to be a rider. I had the frame powder coated white and the forks stripped and re-chromed. I pieced the bike together bit by bit for about 4 months. Thanks to some local collectors and friends I was able to get everything I needed to build it up.  I'm very happy with the results, although I will get some Race Inc. cruiser bars at some point when the time is right. Thanks for looking!

Submitted by Vert Ripper

  • Race
  • Company: Race Inc.
  • Model: RA-24
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 1982 RA-24 Frame and Forks, Bullseye 1st gen cranks with a Bullseye crank keeper, Bullseye BB, Bullseye spider, Race INC Expert Bars, Shimano DX pedals, Pro Neck Stem, Pro Neck chainring, Polished Ukai 7C hoops, 3rd gen Sunshine sealed hubs, Dia Compe MX1000 brakes, Dia Compe Tech 3 lever, Tioga stamped MX2 headset, Suntour Head-lock, MCS post. Skinny/Fat Kenda comp 3's. This is a rider.

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