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Race Inc. (1974 - 1984)

Started around 74 after Bill Bastain made aluminum prototypes for Kawasaki built by Triple A which was run by Marshall Yocum. Bill Bastian was an employee. He left the employ of Triple A and went on to start Race Inc.  Older ones (70's models) have "diamond" rear dropouts. They made frames for Puegeot, Raleigh, Laguna, FMF, Cycle Pro, and SE Racing.
Models include RA-7 full size, RA-8 mini, RA-10 like above not sure what size, RM-2 full size chromoly, and the RA-24 cruiser.  

Race Inc folded in the mid 1980's and at that time SE brought aluminum production inhouse and redesigned the PK to include an integrated seat clamp and the loss of the looptail, which SE found to be a design flaw on the aluminum frames.

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