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1985 Mongoose Californian

1985 Mongoose Californian

My 8 year old son's bike.

Always wanted a loop tail 'goose. Have put it together with some spare parts that I had lying around from other builds (CW bars, Anlun stem, Sugino crank, Tioga Comp III's, Araya 7L rims, Aero style seat, Ame rounds).

I have given this to my 8 year old to ride - the frame is a bit too small for me.  He has added a few things to make it suitable for him.  It did have a set of black Skyway Tuff wheels on it with the Comp III's for a while but he has recently swapped me for the Araya 48's from my Haro FST.  He loves riding this thing.

Added the stickers - finally - and my son keeps changing the wheels when he discovers a "new" cali on here to match that look.  Just bought a pad set for it as well.

He loves taking this to the track to practice.  Can't keep him off it.

Thanks for looking.

Submitted by robroy75