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2017 Lairdframe Ti-lairdframe

2017 Lairdframe Ti-lairdframe

Custom titanium frame with closed/female dropouts by Mike Laird. This frame is the 5th Ti-laridframe. I've also ordered a prototype Ti-lairdfork (1 of 3 made). 100% made in America...


If you are interested in purchasing a custom titanium Lairdframe, please read the following Reference page for frame details, specs, and available options:


Details, Specs, and Custom Options for This Frame (Ti-05)

Finish:  Natural raw titanium finish with black Ti-lairdframe decals

Mill Writing:  I requested that Mike leave all mill writing on tubes (e.g., grade, diameter, specs, etc.), but construct frame such that this writing isn't so obvious - seat/chain stay text facing inward (toward the tire), top/down tube text on the bottom (underside) of those tubes, and seat tube text facing towards the rear tire

Decal Placement:  On the bottom-left end of the down tube and on the front-right end of the top tube

Geometry:  21" TT, 74.5° HA, 71° SA, 13.7"-14.5" CS, 11.5" BB, 8.25" SO - S&M Speedwagon geometry, but with a more trail-appropriate rear end (shorter chain stays and a shorter axle slot)

Head Tube Style:  Integrated (Campy Spec, 45°/45° style, for 1-1/8" threadless forks)

Gussetts:  Down tube gusset

Top Tube OD:  1-1/4" (1.25")

Down Tube OD:  1-3/8" (1.375")

Cable Guides:  Three (3) Paragon Machine Works CS0005 cable guides, evenly spaced along the left side of the top tube at 8 o'clock (3/8" dia., 0.5" long, 6mm through-hole, $5.07 ea)

Seat Post Clamp Size: : N/A (built into frame)

Seat Post Size:  1" (25.4mm)

Bottom Bracket Style:  Mid bottom bracket

Serial Number:  Ti05 serial number (stamped into the bottom of the BB shell) - the fifth Ti-lairdframe to be made

Tire Clearance:  Widened seat/chain stays for up to 20x2.2" tire clearance - should easily accommodate up to a 36/37T sprocket, which is what I run

Brake Style:  V-brake (posts welded to seat stays)

Dropout Style:  Custom-made CNC-cut closed/female dropouts with 0.8" long and 3/8" tall axle slot

Manufacture Date:  The dropouts were waterjet cut on 3/8/2017, the seat stay bridge was welded to the stays on 3/14/2017, and the rest of the tubes were placed in Laird's custom jig and welded together on 3/15/2017

Weight:  TBD (I expect this frame to weight slightly more than 3 lbs.; the fork should be a little less than 1.5 lbs.)

MSRP:  $2,000.00 USD shipped (frame only); the MSRP for the production Ti-lairdforks is TBD (as much as $450.00 + s/h)


My Story for Buying this Frame/Fork Set...

Titanium: Getting a titanium BMX frame has been in the back of my mind for quite some time. Before I started riding trails again, I dreamed about ordering a tricked-out and fully custom titanium frame from Carver - a real head-turner - but without knowing much about frame geometry back then, I decided to hold off.

Lairdframe: After I started riding again in 2014, I got a chance to ride a couple of different frames before finding that the 2013 S&M Speedwagon has amazing trails geometry. The next game changer was the day I met Andy Buckworth down at Sheep Hills on his new Lairdframe, basically one week after I watched him on the internet win 1st place in Park at 2014 Dew Tour. He was super cool and I managed to remember the name of his frame, so I checked out the Lairdframe website later that night and was sold after reading about the detailed processes that Mike Laird uses to make a superior frame.

Made in USA: The next set of turning points were having my first daughter (5/5/2016), the election of Donald J. Trump, and then learning that Lairdframe had started making titanium BMX frames. I've got to admit that over the past year, the buy-America mentatility has definitely become more important to me. When I learned about the Ti-lairdframe just before the innaguration, I was super intreagued because I knew that they'd be quality, built to last, and made in the U.S.A. I quickly researched the frame and realized that I had to have one. Then when I saw Mike's Instagram page and learned that he had only made four titanium frames up until that point (1/21/2017), I reached out and asked if I could get his fifth frame - it seemed fitting, since my daugher was born on Cinco de Mayo.

Custom: Just prior to sending payment for the frame (1/25/2017), I showed Mike my Reference page (I think he was impressed) and asked if he'd be willing to make the frame with longer dropouts (his regular dropouts come with 0.5" long axle slots) and add a third top tube cable guide (to prevent cable sag). He was super cool, showed me a few different cable guide options, and also offered to cut custom dropouts just for me.

Dropouts: The first time that I saw closed/female dropouts was on a custom Standard frame that someone posted on Facebook a couple of years ago. The concept didn't seem very practical, but I loved the look! Since Laird had offered to make me one-off dropouts, I talked to Mike again (1/28/2017) and he said that closed drops wouldn't be a problem.

Fork: To complement the frame, my original plan was to have S&M build me a custom fork with closed/female "black hole" dropouts, a custom steer tube, and chrome legs. Shortly after that fork option fell through, I learned that Laird was thinking about making titanium forks. I quickly messaged Mike (3/7/2017) and was stoked to hear that he'd make me a prototype! Similarly, I asked if he could make the fork with closed dropouts, and I didn't get my answer until Mike messaged me a photo of the freshly cut dropouts the next day.

Worth the Price: Now that I've dropped well over two grand into this frame/fork set, I can firmly say that it was worth it. It's absolutely everything that I'd ever wanted in a trails frame and I should be able to ride this bike well into my 40's! I should also mention that I looked into a few other titanium frame builders and Laird was the clear favorite - it really wasn't even close. Made in America - check, designed and welded by a BMXer - check, custom geometry - check, built to last - check, amazing customer service - check, etc., etc.


Note that if you decide to purchase a Ti-lairdframe and are interested in any variety of custom options (e.g., 15mm/20mm dropouts, BB90 press-in bottom bracket shell, top tube gusset, extra cable guides, etc.), I recommend that you e-mail Mike Laird ( just prior to sending payment. These frames cost $2,000.00 USD shipped, so he may be willing to make some exceptions for you, especially if you don't sound like a dirt bag...


Information about the prototype Ti-lairdforks can be found here:


Submitted by pharv85

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: Lairdframe
  • Model: Ti-lairdframe
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 74.5°
  • Seattube angle: 71°
  • Toptube length: 21"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"

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