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1977 Jammin Jimmy Weinert

1977 Jammin Jimmy Weinert

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Raced it back in the late 70's, just pulled it out of the garage.

Originally yellow with chrome fork, blue rims, different bars.  Still has the original Phil Wood hubs, but the Araya rims are a ? since my brother had it for 20 years and I have old photos with the rims blue.


Current Parts List (from what I can no means an expert)

77 Jammin Jimmy Weinert Frame (first owner 77' was Beth Gera raced in Santa Cruz Ca and San Jose areas.  Second owner 78' to present, Me.)

Araya 7b wheels, with red spoke nipples that are faded on the exterior but bright red on the inner rim.

Phil Wood hubs.

Predator Aero Seat.

Takagi MX crank set and 42T sprocket.

13/16" (20.7mm) setpost.

1 Carlisle Aggressor MX 200 tire...some cracking.

SunTour 16T freewheel. (original)

Thanks to Pro User Myke for the much needed Gold Jimmy Weinert the mail. 


Needed parts:

seat clamp.

Takagi chain ring bolt set.




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